You are going to become a Advertisement Model or Film Celebrity... Do you know in which you have High Chances ?

Celebrities in advertising build brand awareness and they build it much more quickly than traditional types of advertising. Brand awareness measures the percentage of people who are familiar with a particular brand. Small businesses spend lots of money and time for exposure to incrementally increase brand awareness among consumers. The use of a local celebrity can do much to enhance consumers' awareness and understanding of what a small business offers. Celebrity marketing is a tactic featuring a famous person to offer an endorsement of a product. This famous person might be an actor, musician, athlete, ex-politician or a cartoon character. They do not need to be international superstars; they only need to be familiar to the target audience

Either Advertisement Model or Film Celebrity, we need to show our talent in particular industry. Few people wanted to act only in Advertisement and they don’t want to move to bigger screens. Like way few people wanted to act only in Films. This will be changing people to people when we have these kind of desires.

If you want to know which is your suitable industry to start with then you can try one of the above result.